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The Phantom Chronicles
Book I
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Status: *In Progress*

Ashcroft Shield is the nation's #1 Phantom-run security firm and Leighara is about to join the family business...unfortunately for her, business is booming.

Leigh Ashcroft is heading off to college, a big deal under even the most normal of conditions.  On a spectrum from normal to unconventional, Leigh’s circumstances lean more towards the dangerously bizarre. The university she’ll be attending, a front for the nation’s sole Phantom training facility, is a place where she’ll learn to harness her unique powers and find uses for them.

 Unfortunately, problems arise before she even sets foot on campus. When an urban festival turns into a blood bath that kicks off a series of disappearances and murders, she finds herself thrust into the middle of an immortal war that’s just heating up.  Faced with decisions and responsibilities she wasn’t prepared for, Leigh finds herself in a fight to the save the world one hopeless cause at a time. 

But who can she trust?  Cole, the seemingly golden-hearted military tactician who refuses to stay behind on any of her missions or Darren, the womanizing recon specialist who keeps popping up in the least likely of places.

They say that secrets don’t make friends and they certainly don’t make great lovers…but in a world gone mad, secrets can actually kill.

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